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Sparko Tinting Paste (Lead Free)

Tinter (Lead Free) – Sparko Surface Coatings provides tinting pastes with high tinting strength and its lead free compatible to almost all types of lacquers.

Applications :

Image 1Spraying

Thinner: 601 Sparko Lacquer Thinner | 604 Sparko Polyurethane Thinner | 604B Zetagi by Sparko Polyurethane Thinner

Topcoat: Nitrocellulose | Vinyl | Polyurethane | Zetagi by Sparko Polyurethane | Zetagi by Sparko Waterbased | Zetagi by Sparko Acrylic

Drying Time is 10-15 minutes.

Available Colors Product Code
Black H1505
Blue H1502
Green H1504
Orange H1508
Red H1530
White H1512
Yellow H1511
Blue HTO-1760
Orange HTO-4717
Red HTO-1722
Yellow (Non-Toxic) 510-2410