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Sparko NGR Stain Concentrated

NGR Stain – NGR (Non-Grain Raising) Stains are used to accentuate the color of the wood. Stain colors are penetrating, transparent and bright in tone. It is suitable for mixing together with Nitrocellulose and Polyurethane for toning and shading.

Applications :

Dipping IconDipping
Image 1Wiping
Image 1Brushing
Image 1Spraying

Thinner: 601 Sparko Lacquer Thinner | 604 Sparko Polyurethane Thinner | 604B Zetagi by Sparko Polyurethane Thinner

Drying Time is 10-15 minutes.

Available Colors Product Code
Coffee 513-2503-0
Brown 513-2510-0
Lemon 513-2519-0
Yellow 513-2524-0
Orange 513-2537-0
Green 513-2550-0
Blue 513-2565-0
Black 513-2585-0
Red 513-2590-0
Rosewood 513-2591-0