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Sparko Glaze HV

Sparko Sparko Glazes – These are single component oil-based pigmented glaze used for decorative purposes like antiquing effects of the finish on wood or other suitable substrates. It has slow drying and easy wiping properties based on slow evaporating solvents. Glazes can be applied with appropriate Sparko Solvents and are suitable for Sparko Nitrocellulose and Vinyl Topcoats, and Polyurethane.

Applications :

Image 1Wiping
Image 1Brushing

Thinner :Sparko Paint Thinner

Color Appearance: Opaque

Drying Time: 15 mins – 4 hrs

Available Colors Product Code
Red 520-9545-HV
Red Oxide 520-9570-HV
Yellow Oxide 520-9585-HV
Black 520-9597-HV
Burnt Umber 520-9555-HV
Vandyke Brown 520-9506-HV
Raw Sienna 520-9535-HV
Antique 521TB579-6-HV
White 521-8132-HV